Drunk Driving Accidents

Fighting For Your Rights

Every day, drunk drivers cause accidents that severely injure innocent people. Drunk driving crashes are especially tragic because they are completely preventable. Drunk drivers are subject to criminal charges for driving while impaired, but they are also responsible for the catastrophic injuries or deaths that they cause as a result of their wrongful and reckless behavior.

If you have been injured, or a loved one has been killed, in a car, truck, motorcycle or pedestrian-vehicle accident caused by a drunk driver, The Salisbury Firm, P.C., understands the pain, anger and confusion you feel. Our attorneys have more than 65 years of combined legal experience and a reputation for obtaining large verdicts and settlements on behalf of clients who have suffered injury due to the negligence or recklessness of drunk drivers and others.

Contact us to arrange a consultation with one of our experienced Wyoming drunk driving accident lawyers. Located in Cheyenne, our firm represents drivers, passengers and pedestrians in Wyoming, northern Colorado, at Francis E. Warren Air Force Base and along the I-25 corridor.

Holding All Negligent Parties Accountable

We will meticulously investigate the circumstances of your accident and uncover all potential sources of liability and compensation for your injuries. Our lawyers will vigorously pursue your claim and fight to maximize your financial recovery through negotiation, mediation and/or litigation.

We help injured individuals obtain justice and financial compensation for their past and future medical bills, pain and suffering, living expenses, lost wages, future earnings potential and long-term care costs. We will work closely with you and your family to help you through this difficult time and give you the personal attention, compassion and support that you need to expedite your full recovery.

Front Range DUI Injury Attorneys

Providing sophisticated, experienced and passionate representation, The Salisbury Firm, P.C., is ready to protect your rights. Contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation.

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