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Safeguarding The Interests Of Surface And Mineral Rights Owners

Wyoming and northern Colorado are home to some of the most mineral-rich land in the United States. As a surface or mineral rights owner, your investment depends on the protection of your legal rights and preservation of your business relationships.

The attorneys of The Salisbury Firm, P.C., understand the concerns you face. With more than 65 years of combined experience and a reputation for excellence, we provide intelligent representation to surface and mineral rights owners throughout Wyoming and the Front Range region of northern Colorado.

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Protecting Legal Rights · Preserving Business Relationships

Located in Cheyenne, our law firm represents clients in transactions and litigation involving a broad range of matters, including:

  • Title issues
  • Leasing and royalty agreements
  • Surface owner agreements
  • Seismographic agreements
  • Pooling agreements
  • Mineral deeds and assignments
  • Trespass, conversion and depletion issues
  • Environmental concerns
  • Financing and bankruptcy issues

The Salisbury Firm, P.C., has the experience and skill to counter and overcome the aggressive strategies of the big oil and gas companies. Our attorneys will zealously defend your rights while providing you with the exceptional client service that is the hallmark of our firm.

Cheyenne Mineral Rights Lawyers

Providing sophisticated, experienced and passionate representation, The Salisbury Firm, P.C., is ready to protect your rights. Contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation.

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